If you are wanting to make a change in your agency, whether its introducing new services or refining existing services, I just might be able to save you some pain by sharing my experiences with you.

Running an agency is not an easy career choice but it is one hell of a ride!

Digital marketing has evolved from quite formulaic SEO practises to being genuine marketing first, marketing that just happens to be online. The transformation our agency went through took us from outsourcing article marketing and link building to growing an in-house team of content creators and marketers, and from an SEO Agency to a Content Marketing Agency.

Throughout this time we successfully implemented a Pay On Results pricing model that attracted many new clients (both on results and on fixed fees) so yes, we had to be good and we had to deliver results or we wouldn’t make any money!

Only the agencies who adapted to deliver genuine marketing survived as, although it worked well at the time, just doing article marketing would not cut it in the long term. Our agency embraced the necessary digital transformation and we successfully grew our agency to £1.8m turnover before selling in 2015.

What does this mean for your agency?

I have a lot of experience that may be relevant to your future plans. I’ve done all the work myself at each stage of the agency’s growth, I’ve hired and fired, I’ve promoted and disciplined, I’ve trained and seen people’s careers blossom both with us and in their next jobs. In many ways I’ve walked in your shoes which gives me an additional skill set that could be useful to you.

There is nothing more rewarding than your team and clients experiencing success, but its not always easy, there are many challenges and we navigated our way through all that the industry could throw at us. Much like you will have if your agency went through the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Examples of ways I could help your agency:

The ways I can help you as an agency owner are many and varied depending on what type of agency you run and what your specific issues are. Let me talk you through a few examples and you’ll get the gist.

❖ Despite creating awesome content clients are questioning the results they are seeing.

This is a ‘build it and they will come’ scenario. It doesn’t matter how outstanding your content is, if no one knows its there, and its not getting attention then its not going to deliver results.

The solution here begins with understanding and managing client expectations. If a client wants a microsite or a digital asset creating because they have the traffic to drive towards it then that is very different from them expecting new traffic.

Education may be needed to help clients understand how creating the content is only the beginning of the effort needed to get the results they want. Marketing the content could be as much as 80% of the effort and of course there will be media spend that is needed for immediate results.

Through spending time with relevant staff I can help to introduce content marketing processes and ensure that staff are trained to appreciate the issues affecting the creation of content that needs to perform. Its likely to cover issues such as identifying audiences, the stage in the buying process, keyword identification, competition, outreach, testing, tracking and reporting.

❖ Other agencies are taking over your client relationships (and eating your lunch) by delivering services you feel you could be offering

This scenario could apply to any agency:

  • Web design & build agencies who don’t offer digital marketing services lose significant long term income that could be theirs
  • Branding agencies create an awesome brand just to see communications and assets being butchered by digital marketers who don’t appreciate the big picture.
  • Social media agencies struggle to grow because bigger prospects want more integrated agencies that can deliver a broader range of services.
  • Content agencies who don’t also market their content are missing an opportunity to deliver more success
  • PR agencies have been propping up SEO agencies for years without appreciating the contribution they have been making.

How I can help is by exploring the opportunities to diversify your range of services so you can keep your client relationships long term and gain a greater slice of their ongoing marketing budget that they will be spending with another agency. It might as well be yours!

❖ I could be your agency’s digital marketing lead if you are not ready to invest in a senior appointment immediately

Do you feel you are losing business because you don’t offer digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services could compliment most agency services but you might feel its too big an investment to create a team from scratch. By using me as your own Digital Marketing Director (on project-by-project) basis you can continue to add value to your clients without the risk of employing staff.

If you see, after testing the waters, that adding in-house digital marking skills would be a good investment I can help you build that team.

What to do next?

If you feel I can help then book a 20 minute chat with me, and if there is an opportunity there I’ll come to see you to explore it properly and see how good the fit is.

Our strategic approach that gets results

1. Plan the Strategy
2. Implement the Tactics
3. Measure Results using Accurate Tracking
4. Make Improvements Based on Data Driven Insights

Key aspects of our digital marketing strategy

Auditing the current situation gives a benchmark from which you can measure success. Researching opportunities and competitors allows you to see what is possible to achieve.

Efficient planning takes into consideration resources available, costs and timelines. There is little point creating a plan that is unrealistic in terms of delivery.

Each strategic objective will have a set of tactical actions that combine to achieve success. This is the who will do what by when in order to deliver on the plan.