Your social media strategy is not just about posting out to Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. Its about developing an authentic voice to engage with your audience in a useful way.
Social Media Strategy, Content Promotion and Influencer Engagement.

Identifying Influencers and Reaching Out

Influencers have access to the audience you want to reach. Influencers might be publications and media outlets such as national or local newspapers requiring a digital PR approach. Or they may be bloggers or vloggers (video bloggers) who have worked hard to build a trusted following.

They may be editors, celebrities, influential business leaders or thought leaders. Whoever they are, developing meaningful relationships with influencers so you can leverage their influence and reach their audience is much more efficient than trying to duplicate their audience directly yourself.

Influencers know the value they have so being respectful of that and taking an authentic approach is essential. I create a bespoke influencer engagement strategy that is realistic and achievable.

Blogger Engagement

As a founder of I am familiar with the power that established blogger, vloggers and publishers have when it comes to working with brands.

Through competitions, giveaways and product reviews it is possible for brands to quickly access thousands of trusted followers gaining awareness, links and new customers.

I know how to create these campaigns and how to fine and approach the best bloggers for your brand to work with.

Using Social Channels to Develop Brand Advocates and Leverage Reach

Brand advocates are valuable to every brand’s marketing efforts because social media gives every client and customer a voice and you want their message to be a positive one.

Brand advocates feel connected and want to share the value with their friends and family.

I help brands recognise and nurture brand advocates so their support can be leveraged through social channels, engagement and reviews.

Paid Media Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and paid social media advertising are powerful tools to use to access large volumes of traffic and increase conversions.

I have work with the best technicians to establish a paid advertising strategy that works well for your brand.

Our strategic approach that gets results

1. Plan the Strategy
2. Implement the Tactics
3. Measure Results using Accurate Tracking
4. Make Improvements Based on Data Driven Insights

Key aspects of a successful social media strategy

Use social to reach influencers as well as looking after your prospects and customers. Your buying audience will use social media channels to talk about you if they have a bad experience so monitor your brand and your competition to see what people think of what you have to offer.

Agreeing in advance what your tone of voice will be across the social channels you use will allow you to communicate consistently. Decide what you want to be known for and share content accordingly. Don’t just broadcast content, engage with your audience and communicate authentically.

How do you know if your social media strategy and content promotion activities are working? You’ll have set out some strategic objectives at the beginning and therefore you’ll be able to measure success against those. Don’t just post and hope, get to know analytics, it is your friend!