Know what you need to measure, put tracking in place, check data integrity and apply a large dash of knowledge and experience. Your data will start to dance and provide a story that you can work with to improve by continuous testing and measuring.
Insights are gained when you apply knowledge and experience to reliable and accurate data. Digital marketing is increasingly measureable but rather than just pumping out numbers each month in the hope the graph is going in the right direction, data driven insights provides a level of intelligence so you can make smart business decisions with confidence.


All digital marketing activity can be measured and developing an effective measurement plan is a way to ensure the most important factors are being considered when making future improvements. I help to identify what to measure and how to measure it using tracking and analytics. I also interpret the data and provide insights that help your business be more effective. Throughout my career I have managed data to inform business decisions so I prioritise accuracy, consistency and data integrity so you can have confidence in the numbers.


Its easy to become blind to reports that produce the same kind of data month after month. Where I add value is the insight gained from measuring the right data and reporting on it in a way that allows the business to make improvements. These improvements should not only drive more traffic but make sure that traffic converts and visitors love your brand enough to shout about it.

Key aspects of our strategy

A successful measurement plan starts with ensuring you are collecting the right data. This sounds straight forward but almost inevitably there will be lost opportunities and incorrect tracking in place. We sort this out first.

Once the data is being corrected we need to ensure that its accurate and this means checking data integrity, I’d suggest at least once a quarter. An example would be: checking that the leads tracked on the site match the leads received by the sales team.

Its important to report on the story that the data is telling so you truly understand what is happening and why. Using knowledge and experience from years of working with a wealth of clients its possible to add a level of value that contributes to continuous growth.