Can you make sense of the data you are collecting? Are you measuring the right things? Do you know if one channel is bringing you a lot of traffic but another channel is converting it. Gather the right data, check data integrity, understand what you are looking at and gain insights from that knowledge and experience. Only then can you make improvements that will sustain a growing business.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Testing


Increasing conversions comes from attracting the right kind of traffic but it also comes from Conversion Rate Optimisation. This process involves monitoring and improving customer journeys. Seeing where visitors may be getting stuck (because you have a missing link), or confused (because there are too many options) or just plain fed up (because there are too many steps to complete). Once identified improvements can be easily made. I help you test, measure and improve, then do it again so a cycle of improvement is established as part of your ongoing business practice.


All digital marketing activity can be measured and developing an effective measurement plan is a way to ensure the most important factors are being considered when making future improvements. I help to identify what to measure and how to measure it using tracking and analytics. I also interpret the data and provide insights that help your business be more effective. Throughout my career I have managed data to inform business decisions so I prioritise accuracy, consistency and data integrity so you can have confidence in the numbers.


Its easy to become blind to reports that produce the same kind of data month after month. Where I add value is the insight gained from measuring the right data and reporting on it in a way that allows the business to make improvements. These improvements should not only drive more traffic but make sure that traffic converts and visitors love your brand enough to shout about it.

Key aspects of conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Appreciating visitor journeys through a website is a good starting point for improving conversion rate optimisation. Understanding that visitors can land on many different pages and from there take many different routes means there is no one single journey. But, there will likely be typical journeys and similar experiences that can be tweaked and improved.  

My preferred approach to user testing is to video record target audience users who are visiting a website for the first time. Providing the obvious best practice improvements have been made first then this form of user testing is very enlightening and actionable.

Continuous improvement is crucial to a successful programme of conversion rate optimisation. A/B split testing or, if there is enough traffic, then multivariate testing will provide definitive evidence of successful combinations of factors that contribute to increased conversions.