Know your audience and create content they will love, that answers all of their questions before they even know they have the questions. Make it look great on mobile as well as a desktop and don’t forget to make it easy to share!
Content Marketing Strategy, Audience Persona Development and Creative Campaign Execution
Audiences for digital marketing include the buying audience and the linking or influencer audience. I focus on understanding the digital needs and motivations behind your audience behaviour. This results in the strategy focusing on what is actually important to your audience and delivering campaigns to that brief.
Successful content marketing is about 20% content creation and 80% content promotion. By properly understanding your buying audience I help create content marketing campaigns that meets their needs throughout all stages of the buying process. I research the types of content that earn links so that the maximise return on effort can be achieved through effective planning.
Often you will have excellent content within your business or website already. So, rather than feeling the need to create new content all the time it may be more effective to repurpose existing content to reach a wider audience. This might mean taking a popular download and turning it into different types of content of varying lengths. For example: a blog series, a slideshare, an infographic, a video and a series of social media posts.

Key aspects of our content marketing strategy

You need to understand what motivates your audience behaviour. What are their pain points and needs that you can address with your content? Creating audience personas helps to focus on the ‘what’s the point’ and ‘who cares’ aspect of content creation.

Once you know who you are creating content for and what you want that content to achieve in terms of digital marketing performance then you can start planning. Plan the promotion before you start creating the content so you can ensure its as appealing and desired as you think it is.

Repurposing content saves time and is just plain sensible! Not everyone consumes content in the same format, some people like videos, some like images, some like to scan bullet lists and some like to get down and dirty with the detail. Satisfy them all and you’ll have a wealth of promotional opportunities to boot!