Kath Dawson, former Digital Agency owner, with friends

Talk to Kath about Digital Marketing Strategy & Implemention

Delivering Actionable Digital Marketing Strategies, Training & Support

Kath Dawson, former Digital Agency owner, with friends

Talk to Kath about Digital Marketing Strategy & Implemention

Who We Are

Kath and Friends work with you to ensure your B2B Digital Marketing activities are bringing you increased Leads and Sales

What is Digital Academy Collective?

Digital Academy Collective is run by me, Kath Dawson. I describe myself as a Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant because strategy is at the core of what I enjoy doing most. I created Digital Academy Collective in 2016 because I wanted to return to working directly with clients who I love working with, on projects that we can both be passionate about and proud of.

Primarily we offer digital marketing consultancy services which are delivered by me, I don’t employ staff and I do all the core strategic work myself which includes auditing, strategy and planning work. Workshops, mentoring and training are all prepared and delivered by me too.

The “Collective” element comes in when your need includes something that I am not the best person to be delivering for you. This might include: web site design, writing articles, graphic design, PR, PPC or running your day to day social media implementation – I hate writing Tweets! I have a Collective of associates, partnerships and people I consider to be friends who are much better placed to deliver these services should you need them.

Who is Kath Dawson?

Kath Dawson MBA FCIM - B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Kath Dawson MBA FCIM

I’m a former Digital Agency owner and an experienced digital marketing professional. My most significant contribution to the industry is that I built an agency from 2 to 50 people over 13 years starting in 2003 so I’m very familiar with the roller coaster ride that Google has provided businesses for the last two decades.

All the changes in the way digital marketing works may have presented interesting challenges at the time but the outcome has been very positive for the industry which is finally focussed on proper marketing and not distracted by the tricks and shortcuts of the past. Yes they used to work but now they don’t so you have to be as serious about your digital marketing strategy as you are about your broader marketing and business strategies.

I am a driven self-starter who has acquired extensive experience of delivering marketing solutions within complex organisations. both small and large, utilising strategic planning and business management expertise.

I am passionate about translating digital marketing geek speak into English and seeing the excitement that positive results achieve within a business and the people who get to be involved in driving the business forward.

I love nothing more than facilitating those lightbulb moments where the people I work with get to grips with how all the different elements can be joined together for their specific organisation. Each business is different, different resources, different budgets, different skill sets and motivations, even internal politics will have a significant impact on what a marketing team can achieve.

I help by providing a clear strategy and a roadmap for who needs to do what and by when. My processes are tried and tested over years of working with clients since 2003.

How Do We Work?

I always start with a chat on the phone usually followed by a no-cost, no-obligation meeting just so we can both explore if what you need is something I can help with. Its an opportunity to see how we get on and if we think our approaches and expectations are a good match. I have a close working relationship with my clients so we have to like and trust each other if we are to work well together and for it to be fun too!

If we both see an opportunity then I will put together a proposal for you to review and sign off. Exactly how we work together will depend on your needs but unlike a traditional digital marketing agency I usually spend time in your office working with you and your team. This may be in the form of delivering workshops and formal training or it may be sitting at a desk as part of your team doing the work and supporting you and your team as questions arise.

There is also some remote work too such as doing the initial audit, preparing the strategy and tactical implementation plan and preparing bespoke training. It can be harder to concentrate on getting these pieces of work done if you are in the office!

If you have need for a broader range of digital marketing implementation where I might not be the best person to deliver such elements then I work with my friends in a number of ways. We might refer work to each other or we might put together a virtual agency for a client where we have a collective of expertise that is specific to your needs.

For example the team might include a strategist (me), a designer, a writer, a social media tactician, a PPC expert  and an account manager who is responsible for the relationship and co-ordination of the team. I might be the account management lead if the client is mine or I might be a strategist on someone else’s team if the client is theirs.

Digital Academy Collective is therefore very agile and responsive in terms of identifying and meeting your needs. You can scale up or scale down as you need more or fewer resources and as budgets increase or decrease.

Who Do We Work With?

We will work with anyone who we feel we can create value for.

This includes B2C and B2B clients of all shapes and sizes. The key to success is a willingness to learn and an expectation to make positive changes towards achieving your business objectives.

I most often work with Marketing Managers of B2B businesses who have a good handle on their overall marketing activities but feel they are not getting the results they should be getting from their digital marketing efforts. That is where we can most definitely help.

I also occasionally work with agencies on projects where I can add value. This may include sharing my experience of running an agency to save them time and money making the mistakes we made, creating high level strategies for their teams to implement, filling a skills gap created by an influx of new clients or an absence perhaps due to maternity leave or illness.

Where Do We Work?

We are based in Bristol and primarily work locally in Bristol, Bath and Gloucester but we have had clients in Birmingham, London and Exeter so as long as we can travel to you or you are happy to work remotely then we can work with you.

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