As a consultant you are hired to add value, your expertise is required to tell your client what they don’t know because they don’t have time or resources for internal staff to work it out themselves. Adding that value is a rewarding experience for a consultant but delighted clients keeps them working with you, they pay your invoices on time and they recommend you to people who trust them. Be sure to delight them!

That’s what every agency and consultant wants, right?

Delighted clients want you to do more work with them.

Delighted clients give word-of-mouth recommendations.

Delighted clients grow your business for you.

Delighted clients pay your bills on time!

Ensure your clients have an outstanding experience. Competition is rife and if expectations are not met then clients will look to move elsewhere.

Here are 3 important, and not terribly difficult, ways to delight your clients:

1. Digital Analytics – Shine a light on the data so you can measure results

The first thing you need to know is exactly what is happening with the website you have taken on.  Being able to benchmark is vital to understanding what is working. This way you can protect what works plan how you can make improvements to get results.

Your client will appreciate that you prioritise the analytics aspect of their website. So you can both see hard facts that relate to increased traffic, goals and revenue.

You can go a lot further than just measuring the basics of traffic and conversions. This really is the least you should be doing.

For example, are you able to measure and show results in the following areas:

  • Which channels are most profitable?
  • Which campaigns bring the right kind of traffic?
  • Are visitors clicking on the buttons you expect them to click on?
  • Are visitors responding to your advertising messages on site?
  • Are visitors struggling to fill out forms?

Google Analytics is free and increasingly sophisticated. Get good at analytics and make your data talk! It will tell you stories you can delight your clients with.


If you don’t know about Google Tag Manager (GTM) then find out about it. GTM is Google’s recommended way to use Google Analytics on your website because it allows greater possibilities in the future.

2. Educate your client so they appreciate your knowledge

If your clients knew all there was to know about digital marketing they probably wouldn’t need to be working with you. Especially if you are a consultant!

Clients who are very knowledgeable are likely to be working with an agency because they need a wide range of skills and resources to deliver successful campaigns.


I haven’t met a delighted client who isn’t learning all the time from their agency or consultant. You are the specialist, its your job to know what needs to be done, what is likely to work, what resources are needed, time scales and how all the different elements of your tactics combine to deliver a results driven strategy .

Understand your client’s level of knowledge. Learn how interested they are to know about the detail vs high level strategies and know how they learn best. Only then can you delight your client by educating them with the right information in a way they will easily learn.

3. Insights are the value add that will keep your client coming back for more

Insights are where you can really add value to your client’s experience and insights are a primary reason clients work with agencies. [Read Jason Swenk’s Report on The Future Outlook of Digital Agencies for 2016 where he finds that 85% of agencies have this need, but its not recognised by agencies.]

As an agency or a consultant you should be delivering data driven insights already. You will know how to create reports that provide not only hard data as to what is happening but insight into why something is happening. You can hypothesize about what you expect to happen because you have the experience to anticipate visitor behaviour.


If you are not sure why website visitors are behaving in a certain way you will know how to test and measure to make improvements. Clients love to see the results of user testing and learn from split testing. You can also advise on the use of landing pages to test the viability of new target phrases before investing in building organic rankings.

Because you understand digital marketing clients will assume that you can also provide insight regarding future trends and emerging technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive advertising campaigns, blended campaigns where brands collaborate to improve customer experiences – these are all examples of trends and innovations that your clients want to hear from you first.

Even if you can’t deliver these services directly just having awareness of how your client’s customer’s experiences could be improved in the future shows that you understand their business and you want to help them grow.


If you want to delight your clients then these three ways are relatively easy ways to add value to your relationship. Of course this assumes that you also deliver against the KPIs that are most likely part of your agreement. However, if there is a shortfall against any of the KPIs then your analytics combined with your insights will ensure that your client is educated to understand what is happening and why!

This value-added relationship will be more enduring. An added bonus is that there could be up-selling opportunities that come out of testing and measuring.

Post originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

I'm a digital marketing strategy consultant working with agencies and businesses to help them grow. Having built a successful digital agency from 2 to 50 people over 12 years I can share my experiences and help avoid some of the inevitable mistakes that come with the pace of change in the digital marketing industry.

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